Marquee Patio Covers

A marquee patio cover is similar to our patio covers except there is a sturdy overhead rod that supports the patio to the wall. Marquees are designed for placement in front of offices, strip malls and overhead doors to protect your customers while they enter and leave a place business.

Our custom marquee patio covers are constructed of durable aluminum interlocking roof pans and feature a built-in gutter system, complete with a downspout.

  • Marquee Patio Covers will not peel, chip, crack or rust
  • Low or no maintenance
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Flexible placement of support columns
  • Year-round protection from rain, heat and sun
  • Flat underside allows for screen or glass enclosure add-on
  • Decorative scroll columns or posts available to provide solid support
  • Baked-on electrostatic paint finish
  • Custom sizes to fit any patio
  • Fascia may be striped with up to 5 stripes in nine available colors
  • Financing Available!

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