Screen Rooms, Sun Rooms, Screen Unders

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Expand the living area of your existing property with versatile screen rooms, also known as sun rooms or a screen under.

A screen under structure is a wall built of durable aluminum wrapped with a screen under your existing wooden stucco, Hardy plank porch or any other existing home structure.

  • Get more use out of your porch, patio or garage
  • More affordable than conventional construction
  • Protection from insects, direct sun and rain
  • Low maintenance
  • Fits within an existing structure or patio
  • Extends entertainment and living area
  • Available in white, beige, ivory, clay & bronze
  • Financing Available!

Screen rooms are practically maintenance-free and keep your family and guests safe from bad weather insects so you can enjoy the great outdoors. They’re also great creating beautiful living spaces for entertaining.

Our versatile outdoor screened structures are made from heavy duty aluminum, materials that are strong and durable. The extruded aluminum will not rust, therefore providing many years of maintenance-free enjoyment. In the event an accident does occur, your screen panels are easily and affordably repaired or replaced.

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